• Energy Transition Engineer

    Want to make a difference in a new, exciting and challenging world?
    Wonder how unpredictable renewables, like wind and solar, are supported by batteries, H2, and flexible industrial processes?
    Eager to know (or you are one of the few who already knows) how energy markets function both technically, economically and operationally?

    - Learn all about balancing markets and grid security in a renewable world;
    - Help develop the energy system as you and the system grow;
    -Apply your newly gained knowledge in industry and develop innovative technical concepts;
    - Work with passionate people;
    - Have fun;

    You are:
    - Engineer or economist with a broad interest in technical, economic, legal and operational topics;
    - Fully proficient in English, and either Flemish or French. You know how to transfer complex concepts in an understandable way;
    - >2 years of experience and eager to learn. Not necessarily experienced in energy, we value versatility, teamwork and professionalism more than experience;
    - Living in Belgium (or can move here);
    - Looking for a challenge;

    We are Prohead Engineering:
    Energy transition engineers who combine innovative technologies with working market concepts for power balancing and security of supply. We use our knowledge to unleash the flexibility in industrial processes and to accelerate the sustainable energy transition. Together with our colleagues, specialized in utilities and industrial safety engineering, we are a one stop shop for industrial electrification.

    Location: Our HQ at Meerbeke (Ninove) or our offices in Kortrijk, Mechelen or hybride.

    Interested: jobs@prohead.be

Werken bij Prohead

WIl je graag een gevarieerde job én deel uitmaken van een uitmuntend team ingenieurs?
Wil je samen met je collega's uitdagende industriële projecten analyseren, ontwerpen en uitvoeren?

Prohead Engineers werken aan meerdere projecten tegelijk in zowat elke industriële sector. Onze projectteams worden steeds samengesteld volgens de nodige expertise, ervaring én het gewenste groeipad van elk teamlid. Dankzij onze beproefde methodieken, persoonlijke coaching en evenwichtige work-life balans verleg je jou grenzen gemakkelijk.

Bij Prohead Engineering geloven we in: Integriteit, kwaliteit en teamwork.
Interesse: jobs@prohead.be

Tot binnenkort,
Bart, Benjamin en de Prohead Engineers